Delivery charges are not included in the price and also the import fees are not included and
which must be paid upon delivery.
Payment methods: customers can pay for the product they intend to purchase by choosing from
the methods listed in this website, under section “Payment Method”;

Payment terms: payment shall be arranged within 2 (two) working days of the order and shall be
communicated to the following e-mail address . Should the customer
fail to pay the amount due, the supplier reserves the right to cancel the order placed by the
Delivery terms: delivery of the ordered good shall be performed within no later than 2 (two)
working days of the date of confirmation of the order. Should the required good be temporarily
unavailable, the supplier shall inform the customer without delay; the latter will be entitled to
cancel the order or replace the required item with another available item in the same price
range. If the order is cancelled, the supplier shall immediately refund the amount of money paid,
and the customer shall not file any further claims for refunds and/or damages.